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Acupuncture Meridian Stretch

Advanced 3-day Course

Course Dates

21, 22 & 23 June 2024

Course Outline

The course is based on three 7-hour sessions over a three-day weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


It is designed as a postgraduate advanced CPD course for acupuncture, massage and other physical therapists and personal trainers who want to broaden their knowledge and further their skills. The course is also suitable for athletes, martial artists and anyone with an interest in sport and fitness, who wants to deepen his/hers understanding of the function of the musclulo-skeletal system and enhance their training.


The course includes a two-day theoretical part and a one-day practical session. The first theory session covers the principle concepts of the Acupuncture meridian system, focusing on the precise pathways of the meridians in respect to the skeletal muscles, as well as the specific functions of the different meridian muscle groups. The second-day session of the course covers the different functional types of stretching and their underlying physiological mechanisms. It focuses on the practical application of the principles and methods of stretching in the regulation of the acupuncture meridians and their respective muscles. The third practical session covers specific stretches for each of the different areas of the body with demonstration, explanation and individual practical work.

Course Aims

At the end of the course students should achieve:

  • Concise theoretical knowledge of the Acupuncture Meridian System - the 12 main meridians and their respective muscles

  • Understanding of the physiological mechanisms of muscle tone regulation

  • Understand the physiology of stretching and the different functional types of stretching

  • Personal experience and understanding of the application of Meridian stretching of the principle muscles of the extremities, shoulders and hips performed by oneself and to a partner


Participants are awarded Attendance Certificate in Acupuncture Meridian
Stretching and 21 CPD contact-hour points

Course Structure

1. Theoretical lecture one
- TCM concepts of Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements
- TCM anatomy & physiology – internal organs and vital substances
- acupuncture meridian system – nature, composition and function
- pathways and muscles of the main 12 Regular meridians
2. Theoretical lecture two
- muscle structure – extrinsic and intrinsic muscle fibres; fascia and tendon organs
- muscle tone regulation – intrinsic muscle self-regulation; spinal reflexes; higher CNS motor control
- types of muscle contraction and tone – tonic and phasic; isometric and isotonic; contraction and

  contracture; muscle hardness and tension
- physiology and types of stretching – relaxation stretching; activation stretching; structural flexibility stretching

3. Practical session
- calf, hamstring, toe extensors, quadriceps, groin, ankle, hip (piriformis and gluteals), finger flexors and

  extensors, shoulder (latisimus, teres major and minor, supraspinatus and biceps, infraspinatus and

- anatomy, function, meridians and common problems of the areas
- demonstration with explanation
- practical work in pairs
- discussion - questions & comments

Admission Requirements

The course is designed as an intensive foundation course for therapists, personal trainers and people involved with fitness, sport and martial arts. The applicants would benefit from a previous Anatomy & Physiology study, although formal A&P is not required.

Please read our Treatment Safety Check List before attending CCM courses

Course Cost

The course fee is £320*

It includes:
1. Three 7-hour sessions
2. Acupuncture meridians and muscles textbook (electronic)
3. Meridian stretches manual (electronic)

* based on minimal 4 students


Please fill in and submit the enrolment form and the course tutor will respond to your email to inform you of whether you have been accepted. If you have any queries about this course please contact Dragomir on 07976253682 or email:

Course Tutor

Dragomir Lubomirov MSc, FAcS
Vice Principal of CCM West London
Chair of the CCM Academic board

For more details about this Tutor click here.

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