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TCM and Accupuncture

2-Months Foundation Certificate Course (Level 2)

Course Dates

4, 5 and 6 May 2024  

1, 2 and 3 June 2024

Course Outline

This is a part-time 2 months level-2 Foundation course in TCM and acupuncture. The course is designed to serve as a theoretical foundation for students with an interest in Oriental medicine and acupuncture or students who wish to deepen their TCM and acupuncture knowledge. The course is

continuation to the Level 1 TCM and Acupuncture Foundation course and serves as a preparation module for students on practitioner- level courses in TCM, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Course Aims

  • To promote and deepen the theoretical understanding of the specific terminology used
    in TCM clinic.

  • To provide practical knowledge and experience of TCM pulse, tongue and face diagnosis.

  • To further explore the patterns of signs and symptoms seen in common TCM pathological states and their strategies and treatment protocols.


Achievement of the learning outcomes is assessed by continuous verbal questioning, home 

assignments, as well as by final on-line multiple-choice questions exam.


Successful graduates will be awarded Foundation Certificate in TCM and Acupuncture Level-2.

Course Structure

The course is taught part-time in 6 lecture days running over 2 months - 2 Saturday, Sunday and Monday blocks. The lecture days are 9.30am – 5pm. It has 126 study hours, out of which 42 are contact hours and 84 are home study.

1. Patterns of Dis-harmony – day 1

- Abnormal metabolic states in accordance of Yin and Yang

- Heat and Cold pathological states

- Zhang – Fu systems pathological states

2. Patterns of Dis-harmony – day 2

- Abnormal states of Qi

- Abnormal states of Blood

- Abnormal states of Body fluid and Vital Essence

- Stagnations

- Endogenous Heat, Cold, Wind, Dryness, Damp, Fire

3. Treatment strategies

- Heat clearing

- Dispersing Stagnation

- Tonifying Yang, Qi, Blood, Essence and Body Fluid

- Regulating Defensive Qi

- Zhang – Fu systems regulation

4. Observation diagnosis

- Practical Face Diagnosis

- Practical Lips Diagnosis

- Practical Tongue Diagnosis

5. Palpation and Pulse diagnosis

- Practical Pulse Diagnosis

- Practical Meridian palpation in accordance with Pulse findings

6. Practical diagnosis and treatment formulation

- Practical day working in pairs

- Forming working diagnosis, based on observation and palpation

- Confirming the working diagnosis with patients symptoms and signs

- Formulating treatment aims and strategies

Admission Requirements

The course is designed for both working and prospective therapists. It is also open to anybody with an interest in TCM and acupuncture. As this is a Level 2 course, prior completion of the TCM and Acupuncture Level 1 course is compulsory. Students completed Year One on Degree-level TCM and

Acupuncture and Tui Na courses are also accepted.

Please read our Treatment Safety Check List before attending CCM courses.

Course Cost

The course fee is £900*

It includes:
- Six 7-hour sessions

- Copies of the theoretical lectures
- Exam fees

* The course fee is subject to a minimum of 4 students


Please fill in and submit the enrolment form and the course tutor will respond to your email to inform you of whether you have been accepted. If you have any queries about this course please contact Dragomir on 07976253682 or email:

Course Tutor

Dragomir Lubomirov MSc, FAcS
Vice Principal of CCM West London
Chair of the CCM Academic board

For more details about this Tutor click here.

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